Cut off excess vinyl film clean on crucial areas

It is always challenging to cut off excess vinyl wrap film clean on critical areas like a trunk, hood, or hatchback without cutting on the body of the vehicle. Knifeless tape can be a great help in this case.


Let’s take the trunk area as an example. When you cut off excess vinyl wrap film from this section, slightly open the trunk up. Open it just enough so that you can reach the inside.


The reason why you should do it is that you are going to put the Knifeless tape on top of the vinyl wrap film. If the trunk is popped open too high, it will be tricky for you to keep the tape steady.


Leave material about a centimeter wide from the edge of the trunk. This is where you apply the Knifeless tape on top. Do it horizontally and make sure it goes symmetrically. Tack the tape every three to four inches with your thumb from one side to the other, which helps secure the tape on the vinyl wrap film surface.


There is not much different from creating a regular Knifeless tape stripe. As soon as it is set and secured, tab it, and then run your finger to make sure it is smooth all the way.


By now, the excess material should be hanging, and the Knifeless tape is secured and safe on top. The one-centimeter material you left is going to be wrapped around. For the excess, you have to cut it off clean and symmetrically.


To finish the job, release the Knifeless tape. However, just take off the string underside rather than split the green tape in half. Thus, you are actually going down from the green part. Keeping the green tape can help ensure the cut is clean. But you have to make sure the green part stays stable.


Once it is done, pull the string from underneath the vinyl wrap film like how you pull and cut with Knifeless tape. Same logic, only pulling from a different side. As soon as you finish, you get a straight and clean cut.


Squeegee down the excess material down straight away and wrap it around. Then, seal the edge with your finger. You have got a perfectly and fully covered trunk by now.


The technique is simple to apply, and it is beneficial and safe, keeping you from many frustrations. Try it out if you haven’t. Learn more wrap tips at

Cut off excess vinyl film clean on crucial areas