Vinyl Wrap Matte

When speaking of head-turning vehicle wraps, a matte film should be one of the must-choose materials. Fashionistas love how it creates a unique and subtle look for their cars. Apart from this, there are reasons why it gets so popular.

Easy to apply

Compared to many other types of films, a matte car wrap is relatively easy to apply. It is not directional or textured, so wrappers can apply it to the surface without worrying about the alignment of different panels.

Wide variety of selection

There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from for matte vinyl. Some reveal a solid silk-like surface, and others reflect a fascinating metallic sheen. TeckWrap provides more than enough options under this category. Scroll down to find your favorite matte product and start customizing.

Crucial aspects of matte film

Although matte vehicle wrap is installer-friendly to a great extent, there are aspects you should bear in mind when installing. Unlike other types of materials, a matte surface is rather sensitive. Thus, make sure you won’t accidentally scratch the surface when squeegeeing, and maintain it regularly with good aftercare products.

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