Printable Vinyl

A printable film is your first step to a personalized and eye-catching vehicle. Having high-level skills and experience is essential, but not as good as having a top-quality printable vinyl wrap film.

What is Printable Vinyl

A printable film functions as media or a “bridge.” It brings your design to reality with a simple process. You can have your idea printed out on a roll within a short time. Wrap your project with it, and you get a unique one-and-only design. Printable vinyl wrap is an excellent tunnel for commercial use or individual expression to deliver your concepts.

Why TeckWrap Printing Media

Our printable vinyl is made of excellent raw material and is highly flexible. It is smooth to print and easy to wrap, allowing you to create unparalleled wrap films with substantial visual impacts.

The adhesive is safe enough. You can apply it with no stress to customized projects like vehicles, boats, motorcades for business, and indoor or outdoor graphic design. 

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