Wrapping solid angles with vinyl film

There are corners and angles on different solid sides of a vehicle. Many of them lie in the area between the front and back doors. When wrapping them with vinyl wrap film, it is easy for some installers to treat them as flat surfaces. But where there is a corner, there is tension. Thus, without the right approach, it can lead to wrinkles.


Here are some tips in terms of how you should handle these solid corners, with an example of back door wrapping, in which you will apply the vinyl wrap film to the inside area of the back door:


Set the material up on the front door area first as the vinyl wrap film is slightly bridging over there. Use your finger to set the film up, feeding the material to the inside, where you will come across the solid corner. Make a cut on the side of the door with a sharp knife and remove the excess film.


As always, read a section before you wrap it. As you observe, you will realize the critical area is in the middle at the corner, where there is a triangle. The triangle technique can help you eliminate the tension on the corner in this situation.


Work the material out from the middle of the corner. Slightly heat the film as you wrap to soften it. Then, use the hard part of your squeegee to squeegee right in the middle to flatten everything out.


Squeegee towards the sides from the middle. Repeat the process several times: heat and work out from the center until there is no more tension. The area is now perfectly wrapped.


With this simple technique, you can easily handle any corners on a solid side with no stress. Equip yourself with practical wrap skills at teckwrap.com
Wrapping solid angles with vinyl film