Perfect hood wrapping without knife

When handling a hood with vinyl wrap film, wrappers tend to leave extra material around the front, wrap it behind, tuck it in, and then cut away the excess film with a knife to ensure full coverage. But by doing this, there is a risk of cutting the paint.


Triline Knifeless Tape can help you avoid this situation perfectly. And here are some tips on how you can use it to avoid the frustrating situation:


First, put the first string of the Knifeless Tape around all edges of the hood, and let the other two strings hang in the air. Do it symmetrically and ensure the line is secured and stay well-attached on the hood.


Leave four or five inches of the line on either side as soon as it is done. Cut off the first two strings on the inside and only leave the outside string for now. To access more easily later on, you can release the third string now and secure it on the fender side.


When the vinyl wrap film is set on the area, you can slightly raise the hood and let the excess material hang at the front. Then, secure the extra vinyl wrap along the Triline from underneath. It is good to use a low-tack squeegee in this case.


Once the material is secured onto the Triline, you can release the outside string. Pull the excess material firmly to create tension as you remove the outside string so that it can cut clean.


Take away the extra film, and safely remove the green tape left on the surface while your free hand should constantly be sealing the front edge. When everything is done, you can open up the hood, use heat to form the vinyl wrap film on the inside.


With this method, you will achieve a seamlessly fully covered hood with high efficiency. More importantly, there is no risk of cutting the paint. What a win-win! Learn more about wraps at

Perfect hood wrapping without knife