Wrapping around fixed handle with vinyl wrap film

When wrapping around a door handle with vinyl wrap film, it is easier to take it off, and wrap it separately. But for some cars, the door handle is wired into the door of the vehicle on the long side, and cannot be removed.


This wired handle makes the whole wrapping process tricky, as the installer has to work the film around and spend extra time creating an inlay for the handle later on.


But here is a trick for you to solve the problem easily with the pre-stretch technique:


First of all, clean the handle thoroughly, and put masking tape on it to lower the surface energy – otherwise, the handle might grab the vinyl wrap film later. Then, put the panel on the door with magnets to secure it in place.


Take a marker pen to trace out a hole in the shape of the wired spot. Do not make it bigger than the actual size, nor make it too small because the loosen handle will have to go through this hole. Cut this shape off once you have traced it out.


Remove just enough of the backing paper (around half of the panel). Bridge the material over an open window on that door you are wrapping, and start applying heat to the area around the hole you just created.


As soon as the film is warm enough, use your two hands – mainly your thumbs and index fingers to spread the material around this hole evenly. When it is pre-stretched enough, pick the film back up and apply it to the door. You can now put the handle through this hole.


Set the film underneath the handle carefully, ensuring the hole matches the wired spot precisely and evenly. To do this, you would possibly have to make several adjustments. Thus, be patient when you do it.


When the film is set around the wired spot properly, apply heat again. The material will now shrink back to its original shape, forming perfectly around there. And now, you just have to wrap the door as usual. Then, put the handle back in place when everything is done eventually.


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Wrapping around fixed handle with vinyl wrap film