Quick and safe - Fixing bubbles on vinyl wrap film with bare hand

For vinyl film wrapping, bubble is something that no wrapper can ever avoid. Whether you just start learning to wrap, or you are a master of wrapping, there will be bubbles popping up during your install.


In most cases, when there is a bubble on the vinyl wrap film, installers tend to use their hand or squeegee to push the whole of it to one of its corners, and pop it with the tip of your knife or a specific tool.


However, by doing this, you are more or less stretching the vinyl wrap film and putting extra stress on it. At some point, you might even end up with a sharp wrinkle if you did not approach properly.


There is a simple solution that may help you flatten out the film safely with the help of the air egress technology on the film:


When there is a bubble on the material, use the soft part of your squeegee to cut vertically in the middle of the film. You would then divide it into two sections. Then, cut a second time horizontally to divide it into four sections. (Make it a cross.)


By now, you have turned one big bubble into four small ones. Use your thumb to gently push each of them incrementally from the center corner to the outside. Deal with them one by one.


With the help of air egress, the bubbles will disappear eventually. And because you have turned a giant bubble into several small parts, you will not be stressing the material as you do it. So, it is simple and safe.


Of course, this is a general case. There are times that you would see bubbles in strange shapes, which is apparently hard to get rid of. When this happens, you will have to approach them with a particular technique to flatten the material. To learn more about fixing bubbles, check out our previous article Fixing Bubbles on Calendared Vinyl Wrap Film.
Quick and safe - Fixing bubbles on vinyl wrap film with bare hand