Wrapping antenna in one piece of vinyl wrap film

There are several ways to wrap an antenna with vinyl wrap film. And here is one straightforward method: wrapping it in one piece with the help of relief cuts.


Before the application, clean the antenna thoroughly and degrease it. When it is completely dry, you can put masking tape around the bottom of the antenna (Not necessarily at the bottom, but a bit away from the base).


The masking tape can keep the vinyl wrap film from sticking to the roof, which is great, especially if you are using an aggressive material. And it can also help you pick up the vinyl wrap film more easily later.


As soon as the masking tape is ready, you can now apply the vinyl wrap film to the antenna. Slightly tack the material to the roof, pull the film from the front side of the antenna towards the backside.


Then, handle one side of the antenna first (either left or right) by pulling in a triangle shape towards the backside. This will spread the material and even out the tension on the vinyl wrap film. Secure the film on that side when it is properly set.


Pick the material back up again bit by bit with one hand, while the other hand using the soft part of your squeegee to squeegee the film away from the antenna. In this way, the film is relaxed and will not wrinkle in the middle. There might be small wrinkles around the bottom. You can use the hard part of your squeegee to work them out and tuck the material into the edge.


Now that one side of the antenna is done, you can make your relief cut on the backside of the same side. Form the film around that area, create a hinge, and leave just enough material to wrap around the backside (around three millimeters).


When it is ready, sharpen your blade, and cut lightly along the hinge you created (from the bottom to the top). When your blade reaches the top, cut around the top side without cutting the other side of the antenna.


Pick the film on the backside up, and expose the antenna. Use your finger to wrap around the backside with the three millimeters extra material. Cut along the bottom contour on this side of the antenna, remove the excess, and use your squeegee to tuck the film underneath.


You can then apply the same method to handle the other side of the antenna. Once it is properly wrapped and you get to the backside, make a relief cut a bit away from the base of the antenna.


Right now, you have a piece of material that is hanging in the air, which you can swing around to cover up the backside of the antenna. Use your squeegee to work it around. Pay more attention as you get to the corner.


When it is all done, make your overlap right on the contour to blend it in, and cut away the excess material. A perfectly wrapped antenna shall be in front of you by now.


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Wrapping antenna in one piece of vinyl wrap film