Why you should post-heat the vinyl wrap at the right temperature

Post-heat is one of the essential and crucial steps throughout a vinyl wrap install. But it is never enough to just post-heat the wrap to finish up the job. It is important to post-heat at the right temperature when you do it. If the heat is not strong enough to kill the memory of the vinyl wrap film, your post-heat counts for nothing.


Conduct a small experiment, and you will understand why: If you take three strips of vinyl wrap film that are of the same length, stretch them for the same percentage, pull evenly and apply them properly on a surface, then post-heat them at different temperatures, you will be able to see the difference -


Mostly, manufacturers will tell you the proper post-heating temperature for different types of films on the manual. You can heat up the first piece of vinyl wrap film at a temperature that does not meet the standard, and post-heat the second one at the right temperature, while the last one at a temperature that is higher than the proper value.


When the strips cool down, pick them up one by one, trigger the memory of the film by applying heat again, and see how they shrink back:


For the first one that was not heated enough, it literally goes back to the original shape because the memory was not killed. As for the second one that was post-heated at the right temperature, it does not have that much memory because it was post-heat properly. And for the last one, the strip barely shrinks because it was post-heated at a higher temperature.


Thus, the higher temperature you heat the material, the better the shape of the vinyl wrap film you can maintain. But first, you have to reach the proper temperature when you post-heat. To know the proper value, do not forget to check the manual beforehand.


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Why you should post-heat the vinyl wrap at the right temperature