Wrap back fender with sharp angles in one piece of vinyl

It is not hard to wrap most parts of a back fender, except when you get to the sharp angles by the back window and the trunk, as well as the corner by the rear light.


Tension on the vinyl wrap film would quickly build up around these areas. If you did not handle it properly, you could easily overstretch the film. Or, even if the section looks well-wrapped, the material will bounce back over time as there is too much tension.


This is when you should use the pre-stretch technique, stretching the vinyl wrap film cold, and trigger the memory of the film with heat to let it shrink back to where you want it to be. By doing this, the film will relax, and the tension will be gone.


Practically, you should first run a Knifeless Tape along the body line on the inside edge of the back fender, starting from the back window all the way to the bottom. It is not a straight line, so be patient to form and set it up nicely.


Apply the vinyl wrap film to the back fender. Pull the material far away from the top corner to get around the angle by the trunk. Do not forget to pull in a triangle shape when you do it.


You might have to pick the film back up several times, spreading out the tension and adjusting it until it is totally flattened out. Then, hook the material behind the corner.


Like wrapping every section, you should start from the most challenging part and handle the easiest at last. The top corner on the back fender is considered the trickiest area in this section, which is now wrapped as you pull in a triangle shape and spread the tension.


And you should now go to the second hardest part – the steep angle by the back window. Pick the vinyl wrap film back up on the back window. You should stretch it at about eight inches from the base of the top area of the back fender. Pull and stretch it firmly to create glass, and hook it behind the sharp angle there.


Then, take your heat gun and trigger the memory of the film to shrink it back to where you want. Start from the sharp angle by the trunk, apply light heat. The film will shrink and relax. Use your finger too tab and secure the material around the angle there.


Do the same to the top corner above that angle as well. When the film shrinks back, use the soft part of your squeegee to slightly push and secure it to the surface.


You then move on to the steep angle by the back window. As there is tension, make a relief cut and loosen the film there. Slightly heat it and let the material shrink back to the corner. Then, run your finger along the edge around this angle to seal everything down.


By now, all the difficult areas have been correctly wrapped. You can deal with the easiest part in the middle at last. Use your finger or squeegee strokes to get it well wrapped. Last but not least, release the Knifeless Tape and remove the excess material. Do not forget to seal all the edges afterward.


In this way, you get a high-quality seamless finish, which is perfectly paint-like, durable enough to last for years. Check out more wrap tips at teckwrap.com

Wrap back fender with sharp angles in one piece of vinyl