Wrap around hardware with high efficiency

When wrapping around hardware with vinyl wrap film, installers tend to wrap farther as they remove the parts like lights or mirrors. But how far is enough to achieve full coverage?


If you cannot balance and over wrap the inside, it will only cost you extra time and money. Also, when you have to remove the wrap in the future, you will have to take off the hardware again as you wrap too far inside.


Here is a great tip to ensure you get full coverage while working efficiently and helping to maintain the vinyl wrap film easily. All you need to do is preparing a water-soluble pen, and a roll of knifeless tape – or masking tape if you do not have knifeless tape.


Take a side mirror as an example, you can use your water-soluble pen, get it inside the edge of the mirror, and draw a line all the way along. When you take off the mirror, you will see the line and know exactly how far you should wrap inside to get full coverage.


Apply knifeless tape about a centimeter away on the inside from the line you draw. It will help you wrap just enough for full coverage, which will ensure quality and save you time for removal, as you will not have to take off the mirror again as it is not wrapped too far inside.


If you do not have knifeless tape, you can use masking tape, which can be used as a buffer when you cut the vinyl wrap film so that you will not cut on the body of the vehicle.


This method can be applied to most sections with hardware, and boost up your efficiency while getting a perfect result. It is not that wrapping far inside is not good, but wrapping just how much you need is apparently a much better option.


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Wrap around hardware with high efficiency