Should you wrap all the way under vehicle?

When wrapping up a bumper or fender with vinyl wrap film, a wrapper often has to think about how far to wrap under the vehicle to achieve a higher-quality and longer- durability finish.


There is one thing that is sure: You cannot just wrap to the edge, especially for a section like bumper or fender, as this is an area that can get damaged very easily. If you wrap just to the edge, even if the wrap was not physically damaged, it would lift over time as moisture and dirt get underneath the vinyl wrap film.


But if not wrap to the edge, how far should you wrap underneath? Some wrappers might wrap all the way under, which is dedicating. However, it is best first to consider why you should wrap underneath before figuring out how far you should do it.


For a color change project, a wrapper’s job is to make the final production as paint-like as possible, including hiding the original color of the paint, which is one of the core values for high-quality. Meanwhile, a wrapper must ensure long-durability of the vinyl wrap film on a vehicle as well. These two both require you to wrap underneath a car.


What can you do to achieve these goals? You have to wrap underneath, apparently. But is it necessary to wrap all the way under for these goals, despite the risks you have to face as you do this?


By wrapping all the way under a car, you will have to spend a lot of time, energy, and extra material, especially if you do not have a car lift. Not to mention you will be stretching the material a lot as you wrap all the way under, which is not good for long durability.


To achieve both goals, you can wrap a quarter-inch underneath and apply a lamination tape along the edge of the film - Make it half on the film and half on the car.


This is a safer and more efficient method to do. And by wrapping a quarter-inch underneath, it is enough to hide the original paint because no one will see it unless he gets down to the ground and looks.


If all you need is to achieve the goals of high-quality and long-durability, this trick will suit you well enough. Visit for more wrap tips.
Should you wrap all the way under vehicle?