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For a license plate area that is severe and deep, it is challenging to wrap it with vinyl film. But some are made up of molding at the top, which can be easily removed. In this case, here is a trick to boost your efficiency and create a high-quality finish more quickly.


Intense tension

As the area is severe and deep, there will be massive tension, particularly at the top, where the molding goes. Usually, installers will bridge the vehicle wrap over the entire section and incrementally form the material into the area. But still, the film can get overstretched in some situations, depending on the type of vinyl.


Take advantage of the molding

You can find a better solution when the section has molding at the top. As usual, you can apply the vinyl film, and bridge it over the area. But do not form it right away.


Secure it around the license plate area, and run your finger around the edge of this area. Make a relief cut along the top edge with your blade. This can help take out some tension in the material. By now, you can take your application glove with soap and water on, and form the film into the area without stress.


Separate into sections

Separate the section into the left and right areas, and form the material incrementally towards the deepest place. When approaching the top, add light heat around the spot to relax the film before you continue applying.


At this point, you will see the material getting short and insufficient to cover the top completely. But this is OK when this area is supposed to be hidden beneath a molding, as there is no reason you should overwrap a spot that people cannot see.


There is still tension when you get to the top corners on both sides. Make a tiny relief cut to take that pressure out, and carry on working the film down. After everything is done, seal the edge, and put the molding back on. You shall have a durable wrapped license plate area.


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Car wrapping: Efficient license plate install | TeckWrap