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A gas lid is not the most challenging part to wrap with vehicle film. But it is always good to keep learning, find a handier way, and get the job done more efficiently.


Here is a method of gas cap wrapping, which is quick and simple, so you do not even have to use much heat during the process:


Clean the surface

As usual, you should clean up the section before any application. This way, a vinyl wrap film can stay well on the surface for the long term. Take the gas lid off the vehicle, which is easy to do, and you can also wrap it quickly. Clean it thoroughly because a gas cap is usually dirty as oil builds up.


Prep the vehicle wrap

To achieve a highly efficient wrap job, you must first ensure there is no tension in the film. Thus, release the liner on the wrap first. And put the piece on your working table with the adhesive side facing up. Then, heat it at this point gently.


There is tension built in the wrap film during the manufacturing process. Doing this allows you to take it out and relax the material before applying it to the section. And this is the key to installing with high efficiency.


Wrap with ease

You can wrap the cap with no stress when the vinyl cools down. Hook the corners first as you put the material to the surface. Run your finger along the edge and slightly squeegee across to secure the film in place. Pick the vinyl back up high to hook it down again when needed.


Then, you can deal with the flat area on the surface. Use your squeegee to push the air out and flatten the vehicle wrap. You can now focus on forming the outside edge, where there is usually tension. But because you take it out during the prep, you will find it smooth to do at this point.


When you finish forming, apply heat to trigger the memory effect of the film, which will let it shrink. This will make the material suck on the edge naturally with zero tension, which creates a high-quality and durable finish.


Next, all you need to do is to cut away the excess film. Flip the gas cap over, sharpen your blade, and cut with your knife parallel to the lid so it will not scratch the paint. When cutting, pull the excess material up firmly with your free hand to ensure the cut is clean.


Last but not least, seal the edge with your finger. And there you have a zero-stress gas lid! Equip yourself with wrap knowledge at

Vinyl wrapping gas lid with no stress | TeckWrap