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Tesla is known for their sleek and futuristic design, but some car lovers may want to customize their cars and give them a personal touch. One way to do that is by wrapping the trunk with vinyl film, turning its color, texture or pattern into something unique and personalized.


However, wrapping a Tesla trunk with a vinyl wrap is not a simple project; it requires skill, experience and quality materials like our new TeckWrap materials to achieve a professional and durable result. Here are some steps on how to wrap a Tesla trunk with vinyl wrap film:


The prep

Before the application, gather everything you need for the project: A vinyl film of your choice, a suitable squeegee, a knife, a heat gun, a tape measure, a proper cleaning agent, a microfiber towel, and some masking tape. In the meantime, make sure your workspace is clean and dust-free. And clean the Tesla thoroughly by removing any dirt, grease or wax.


Get the vinyl ready

Measure the area you are going to wrap, and cut the vinyl wrap film accordingly. When cutting, leave enough extra material for full coverage, especially on the bottom part of the trunk. Put masking tape on the rear lights to lower the surface energy. Then, find the central point of the vinyl piece and the trunk.



You can now apply the vinyl film to the trunk area. When doing it, align the material with the central point of the trunk and remove the backing paper. This can separate the film into a left and right section.


Pull from one side along the upper bodyline of the trunk. Apply heat to soften and relax the material when doing it. Once one section is set, you can go to the other side and get the material on the other side done. Pull slowly and steadily when doing it.


Deal with the top part of the trunk first. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles during the process. You can pick the vinyl back up and use heat to trigger its memory and flatten it out.


As soon as the material is ready in place, use your application glove to lock it along the upper bodyline. And squeegee down the film on the top part of the trunk.


Once the top part is wrapped, you can move on to the bottom now. Do not rush to stretch and conform the film. Use heat to get the vinyl ready first. Then, run your squeegee downwards at the central point.


Run your palm outwards from the middle to lock the film, which can help you avoid getting adhesive lines. Then, switch to the other side until the material is set on both sections. Read the wrinkles and shift any tension out until everything is nice and flat.


Last but not least, cut off any excess. And remember to seal all edges. Double-check if there are any bubbles or wrinkles. Otherwise, you have achieved a well-wrapped Tesla trunk by now. Visit for more wrap tips.
Vinyl wrapping Tesla trunk | TeckWrap