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Vinyl wrap film is excellent for customizing your car and protecting its original paint from damage. However, wrapping your car is not a one-time deal. A car wrap requires regular maintenance and care to keep it looking new and lasting longer. Here are some tips on how to maintain your car wrap and keep it in top condition:


Wash your car regularly

Washing your car every two weeks or so will help remove any dirt, dust, bugs, bird droppings or other contaminants that may harm your vinyl wrap film. When doing it, use a mild soap and water solution and a soft sponge or microfiber cloth to wash your car gently. Do not use abrasive cleaners, brushes or automatic car washes, or they might scratch or peel off the film.


Use wax or sealant to improve appearance

You can also use a vinyl-safe wax or sealant (but first check with the manufacturer, as this might not be suitable for all types of vinyl material). Applying a wax or sealant every few months will help protect your car wrap from UV rays, chemicals and pollutants that may fade or discolor it. Use a product specifically designed for your material and does not contain any harsh solvents or abrasives. When applying the product, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Avoid excessive heat and sun exposure

Heat and sun exposure can cause the wrap film to shrink, crack or bubble over time. You should try to park your car in a shaded area or a garage as possible as you can. If you have to park under the sun, it is best to use a car cover to reduce the heat and UV exposure on the vinyl.


Clean as soon as possible

If there are any stains or spills on your car wrap, such as oil, gas, tar or sap, do not let them sit for too long. Use a vinyl-safe cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe off gently. When doing it, do not rub or scrub too hard, as you might damage the material. If the stain or spill is stubborn, use a heat gun to warm the area and wipe it off.


Repair promptly

If you notice any damage on your wrap, such as tears, cuts, scratches or bubbles, do not ignore them, as they may worsen over time and affect the appearance and performance of the vinyl. Contact your wrap installer or manufacturer as soon as possible and get the damage repaired.


By following these tips, you can maintain your car wrap and keep it looking new for years to come. Learn more about vinyl film at

Keep your vinyl film look new with these tips | TeckWrap