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For certain types of vehicles, manufacturers have made a rubber between the front bumper and the hood. This creates a challenge for installers when doing vinyl wrapping, as it is easy to cut the rubber with a knife if you want full coverage. However, removing the rubber requires extra energy, and it is tricky to put it back in safely.


But do not worry. Here is a convenient way to cut perfectly between the two areas without using a knife:


What you need:

  • Edge seal tape
  • Design Line knifeless tape


Raise surface energy first

A knifeless tape is enough to cut safely without a knife. But with rubber molding underneath, it becomes a different case. Because the surface energy of rubber is low, the knifeless tape will not stay well on it. Thus, you should raise the surface energy before applying the knifeless tape.


Open the hood, and run edge seal tape along the rubber molding. Make sure it is secured. Next, apply the Design Line along the front edge of the edge seal tape, and set it properly on the edge seal tape.


Front bumper wrapping

If you are wrapping the front bumper, you can now apply the vinyl wrap film on top. Run your finger along the tape underneath so that the material is set tight. When cutting, release the Knifeless tape. But do not remove the green tape just yet.


Pull off the green tape on the upper side first. Then, pull off the other green tape bit by bit while the other hand pulls up the rubber. You can incrementally tuck the vinyl wrap under the rubber during the process.


Hood wrapping

If you are wrapping the hood, you can wrap it as usual. After releasing the Knifeless tape, you will have enough extra material to wrap around the section.


With this method, you can cut safely for a perfect finish without stress. Quick and simple! Level up your wrapping skills at

Vinyl wrapping: Handle rubber between bumper and hood | TeckWrap