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Taking off an emblem can be a great help when wrapping a vehicle with vinyl wrap film. However, emblems are primarily plastic and fragile. If you do not handle it correctly, you may break it or scratch the car. Here are some tips for you to do it safely:


Types of emblems

Generally, there are several types of emblems. Before the removal, you should figure out how it gets attached to the vehicle so that you can take it off accordingly.


Separate letters

Some emblems appear as separate letters, like Peugeot or Range Rover. They are usually held on by double-sided adhesive tape. This type of emblem is easy to take off. Take a plastic removal tool and be patient. You can then remove it without stress.



There are many emblems that appear to be connected as one piece, like Audi or Toyota. It is also held on by adhesive and is usually easier to remove than a separate one. But note that the connected part is typically fragile. Thus, using an old squeegee and a heat gun to help can make the process smoother.



Some emblems are held on by clips, like Volkswagen. The correct way is to take your hooking tool that is usually used for tucking material, and open up a small section underneath the emblem. Then, use a plastic removal tool to pry it up. Make sure you pry evenly on all sides, or you might break the logo.


There are also other creative ways to remove emblem safely and efficiently, for instance, using a fishing wire to first loosen a fragile connected one like Ferrari’s brand name, and pry it off with no stress.


Or, for one that is held up by clips like the Mercedes’ logo, sliding three laminating strips under the three spokes in the center, you can twist them together and make them one handle. By now, you can pull firmly, and the emblem will get off easily.


As long as you know how the emblem works, you can expand your imagination and find many ways to take it off safely. Keep an eye on teckwrap.com, and don’t miss our latest wrap tips.

Emblem removal for vinyl wrapping with no hassle | TeckWrap