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Cutting is an essential skill for every wrapper installing vinyl film. A clean cut can distinguish a perfect finish from other wrap jobs. Yet a bad cut can ruin your installation completely, especially when you have to cut directly on a vehicle for some sections. And you might have to re-do everything in this case.


Here is something you should pay attention to if you want to achieve a satisfying car wrap finish:



Before making your cut on a vinyl wrap film, make sure you think about its thickness. The thicker the film is, the harder you should press on your blade to ensure a consistently clean cut.



Also, you should control the temperature of your working space. The cooler your material is, the easier you can feel the proper depth of your blade. However, if the vehicle film is hot, the hotter it is, the higher chance you will cut too deep and potentially damage the paint. Thus, keeping your working space under 25 degrees Celsius is good.



For every installer, a must-do before cutting is to cut your blade and sharpen it. A sharp-enough blade can ensure clean cutting and consistent edge. If your knife is dull, you might create jagged cuts throughout the process, which is terrible.


Cutting angle

Try to keep your blade at a 10-degree angle when cutting. This can help you ensure it cuts just at the right depth (But make sure you press it hard enough if the car wrap is thick). Once you have felt the right depth you should cut, try to avoid picking the blade because it is hard to control the consistency.


If you want to gain more hands-on experience, you can use scrap pieces of vinyl film to practice following the recommendation above. Learn more about wrapping at

Vinyl Cutting: What you should pay attention | TeckWrap