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Often, for a color-change or full print car wrap roll, there will be impressions like scratches or stripes on its surface, whether it is gloss or matte vinyl. This might be due to the roll has been laid on the side.


Some installers might choose to get a different roll in this case. But those impressions can easily self-heal with heat. Here is a quick tip to show you how to do it:


Heat with the liner on

Lay the vehicle wrap down on a surface with the backing paper on. You will remove those stripes and scratches before the application instead of at the end.


You can use a propane torch if it is a gloss car wrap. Wave the torch above and along the impressions. And the surface will become clean and flat again. Use a heat gun to avoid glossing the material if it is matte vinyl.


There is no need to change to another roll when impressions occur on a roll. And you certainly do not have to cut the film into sections to avoid those scratches and stripes.


Don’t underestimate the self-healing feature

In fact, with the self-healing feature, those marks can mostly be eliminated by heat. For example, an unlaminated mirror chrome wrap can usually come in with slight dull scratches on the surface, which can also be removed with heat after installation to help maintain a perfect look–


However, for a sensitive finish like chrome, propane torch and heat gun are not the best in this case. You can use a standard steamer to go over the wrap and a microfiber towel to wipe it afterward. All those scratches will then go away (Make sure you do this before you apply aftercare products to the finish, though).


Nest time, do not panic when you see impressions on a roll. Try to heal it with heat, and do not be too surprised. Learn more wrap tips at

Car wrapping: Eliminating impression on roll | TeckWrap