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Excellent preparation is the first step to a successful vinyl wrap installation. And among all the steps in this stage, cleaning is especially vital. But it is much more than just making a vehicle spotless.


There is a logic in cleaning. And you not only have to figure out using what products or liquid to do it but also how you do it. Handling the wrong sections first might lead to repetitive cleaning later.


So here it is, an all-in-one guide that tells you how and what you should clean step by step and helps you achieve an efficient workflow for vinyl wrap film application. Let’s get to it!


Before the project starts

There are a few things you can do even before the vehicle arrives at the wrap space-


Make your workspace tidy

It is important to clean up your workspace before anything, because if there is dirt, it will get onto the vehicle when you are wrapping, which is a waste of energy for more cleaning.


Basic car wash

It is recommended to get the car a basic car wash the day before the vinyl wrap film installation. Get rid of most of the dust and wax from the surface. Doing this can save you some time from cleaning on the wrapping day and gives it enough time for the vehicle to dry out in its critical areas completely.


On the day

On the wrapping day, you will need to do a second cleaning. Just because you had a basic car wash doesn’t mean the car is spotless. The car wash only keeps you from spending too much energy on a lengthy process, For this time of cleaning, the work sequence is crucial.


Remove hardware first

Before cleaning the main body of the vehicle, remove the hardware or things like emblems as you need. There is dust behind them. Thus, if you clean the main body first, the dirt will be dropped on the vehicle, and you will have to clean it again.


Adhesive residue

When taking off things like emblems, you might want to leave a shadow on the surface so you can put them back in place precisely (Or you can learn to create a template from other articles at Otherwise, use soapy water to remove the adhesive and scrape off the adhesive residue.


Clean with the right tools

  • Microfiber towel: Use a microfiber towel to wipe out the surface. This type of towel can absorb quickly and get a much better result than paper towels.
  • Scratchless sponge: Clean with a scratchless sponge. Even if you get rid of all of the dirt, areas like the trunk will have many tenacious specks around. Using a sponge can help you speed up the process. You don’t even need to use harsh chemicals for these.


Almost done

When the surface is clean, use a clay bar to wipe it from top to bottom. Then, use a microfiber towel to remove all the soapy residue. Once it is done, fold a paper towel in half and wipe it over the surface to double-check. You can continue to the next step if the towel comes off white.



Last but not least, degrease the surface with isopropyl alcohol. As soon as it is done, you are ready to wrap!


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The all-in-one guide to thorough cleaning for vinyl install | TeckWrap