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There is a lifespan for every car wrap, whether it is a color-change vinyl wrap film, full print wrap, or paint protection film. And all of them need regular maintenance. Otherwise, even if a wrap has a three-year lifespan, it might not last well.


Maintenance is not equal to cleaning

Maintaining a vinyl wrap film is not just about cleaning. Some people have developed a good habit of using soap and isopropyl alcohol to clean the material regularly.


Since soap and water might not be enough to clean the vinyl surface thoroughly, some use alcohol to help. But like soap and water do not fit all types of material, alcohol is certainly not helpful for all kinds of wrap film – For example, it can possibly burn a matte finish. (Always choose your cleaning liquid accordingly.)


It is great to clean a vinyl wrap film from time to time, but it is not enough to preserve the material. In the case of using alcohol, the vinyl will look dry and lose its luster over time. And it just looks old and numb before even its end time.


Although cleaning is a part of maintenance, the aim of maintaining a wrap is not just about cleaning every contaminant up, but also keeping its fresh look and making the most of its lifespan at all times.


The right product for the right job

There is a second stage for proper maintenance. After cleaning the vinyl wrap film, it is time to preserve it and keep it at its best state. This is when you should use aftercare products.


These products are specifically designed for vinyl wrap film. Choose the suitable ones, depending on what type of material you have, wipe them on the surface, and your wrap will look alive like it is brand new.


There are articles at teckwrap.com guiding you on what kind of aftercare products you should choose based on the vehicle wrap. You can check them out and make sure you make the right choice.


It is never late to maintain your wrap

If you have never maintained your vinyl film properly, and it looks numb already, don’t worry. Using the correct aftercare products can bring it back to life a little bit as well.


For a wrap that has been poorly maintained, dirt and all sorts of things will build up on the surface, which is challenging to clean in a usual way. Use a suitable heavy-duty cleaner that is dedicated to this, wipe with a microfiber towel, and all the dirt should be gone.


Since the wrap already looks dull, you can then use a sealant, spray it on the surface and wipe it out with a towel. The film should be refreshed. (Again, you should choose this product accordingly.)


If you can keep a good habit of maintaining your wrap regularly, the film’s lifespan can even be prolonged. Thus, do not underestimate aftercare because it might surprise you a lot. Learn more about taking care of your film at teckwrap.com
Why maintain vinyl wrap film regularly | TeckWrap