Things you need to know about chrome vinyl wrap film

Chrome vinyl wrap film has always been the head-turning type of material for fashionistas. But unlike most standard vinyl wrap films in the market, it might need more effort to get the best result when installing a chrome wrap. Here are some facts about chrome that can help you:


No self-heal

Chrome vinyl wrap film is multi-layered. Mostly, there is no lamination layer on it (because it is already too thick). Most standard vinyl wrap films out there are laminated and can self-heal once there are wrinkles.


But a chrome wrap cannot. Thus, be extra careful when you install. Alternatively, overlaminating the material beforehand can be a much better choice.



A brand-new buffer and soft squeegee are the best for chrome vinyl wrap film. Chrome film is very sensitive. A hard squeegee can scratch it easily. Also, when squeegeeing, use soapy solution to help the buffer and squeegee slide more easily.


Do not use a dry buffer because that can scratch the chrome surface too. When you squeegee, hold your squeegee at a low angle so that its corner will not accidentally cause scratches.


No standard relief cut

With high surface energy, chrome vinyl wrap film is easy to tear. Thus, when you need to make a relief cut, do not make it in the standard way, but make an enclosed cut so that the material will not split.


Heat before stretching

For the best result, make sure you heat the chrome vinyl wrap film thoroughly before stretching it, as it is thick with multilayers. It is fine to use IR heater, steamer or heat gun to do it. But do NOT use a propane torch because the heat that comes out of it is uneven, and the film will not stretch appropriately in this way.


Mind overstretching

When you come across a recessed area or curve and need to conform a chrome vinyl wrap film to it, heat it thoroughly beforehand, and pull it out evenly. Do NOT overstretch it. There are multilayers. If the material gets overstretched, those layers will shift. And they cannot go back anymore.


So here are some basic facts about chrome vinyl wrap film. We hope you can bear these in mind because they will really help you avoid a lot of potential problems, heading right to a successful finish.


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Things you need to know about chrome vinyl wrap film