How to choose the cut vinyl wrap film that meets your need

Cut vinyl wrap film has been widely used for partial wrapping on vehicles and many other purposes for a long time. There is a huge amount of selections in the market out there. But do you really know what you need and what would suit your need the best? Here are some facts that might help you!


In short, there are mainly two types of cut vinyl wrap film today: Calendar vinyl and cast vinyl.


Calendar cut vinyl is usually cheaper compared to cast cut vinyl. But it is not as flexible as a cut vinyl piece that is cast. Thus, calendar cut vinyl is usually used to apply on a flat surface.


As for cast cut vinyl wrap film, it is excellent for a surface that has curves. Or, if you are applying a cut vinyl on something that stays in the sun for the long term, cast vinyl is a much better choice than calendar because it is more durable in this kind of situation.


When it comes to the adhesive properties of cut vinyl wrap film, there are two types: cut vinyl wrap film that is permanent and removable.


You can think of a permanent cut vinyl piece as something that sticks better, and a removable piece as something that can be taken off more easily. However, whichever you choose, the performance depends on the surface energy of the thing you are applying the film.


Permanent cut vinyl is usually applied for the long term. But if the applied surface has high surface energy, you might want to use removable cut vinyl just for easier removal in the future.


Also, cut vinyl wrap film is thinner than regular vinyl wrap films that are used for full wrapping. Mostly there is no air egress or repositionable technology planted in cut vinyl, which means the adhesive is aggressive. If you accidentally let the material fold on itself, it can be difficult to pick it back up. Thus, be cautious when applying.


Hope these tips can inspire you a little bit and help you choose what you need more accordingly. Stay creative and happy wrapping! Learn more wrap tips at

How to choose the cut vinyl wrap film that meets your need