Stretching hypertexture vinyl wrap film for extra wide surface

What would you do when you have to wrap an extra-wide hood with a hypertexture vinyl wrap film, where the material is a few inches shorter than the hood on both sides?


For a hypertexture film, you cannot overstretch it because it is directional with patterns. And you cannot pick it up in a way like you would do to a regular vinyl wrap film because it will break easily. And you have to handle it cautiously and carefully.


To properly stretch a vinyl wrap film like this for an extra-wide hood, it is better to have more people to help out during the install. First, apply the film to the surface carefully. Gently tack it to the middle of the hood. And you have to work it down side by side.


Have three or four people pull on the side you are working on. For example, if you are handling the left side of the material first, let them pull on the left side. Do not pull too much, though. Have all your teammates pull with even stress. As for you, you can use your heat gun to relax the material.


Apply heat from the middle and out with circuit movement. In this case, from the middle to the left side, where you are working on. Use just enough heat. When you see wrinkles, heat to flatten them out.


While you are applying heat, your teammates should be pulling the film incrementally and evenly on the side to avoid overstretching and distorting the patterns. Make sure the wrap looks symmetrical.


When the film is stretched enough to wrap around the side, lock it down right away, and use the soft part of your squeegee to squeegee down the side, as the material might shrink back. As mentioned above, a hypertexture material is very easy to break if you pick it back up inconsiderately. So you certainly do not want to re-do this.


Once this side is done, repeat the same process, and handle the other side of the hood.


As soon as the two sides are wrapped around, you can squeegee down the middle section from bottom to top with your squeegee. Pull the film up a little bit with your free hand from the top edge of the hood to let the air out. Make sure the film stays evenly on the surface.


When everything is done, cut the excess material away. And you have your perfectly wrapped hood with the cool hypertexture outfit. Learn more about wraps at

Stretching hypertexture vinyl wrap film for extra wide surface