Pre-production tips for full print vinyl wrap film

Full print vinyl wrap film is an excellent medium to express yourself or bring a message to the world. The install process is not much different from wrapping with a color change film. However, pre-production is particularly crucial for a full print wrap project because even one mistake during this process can lead to a severe result later.


Take measurement

Considering there are graphics on a full print wrap, it is essential to get the right measurement to have just the right size of material for each section, which will neither be too big nor too small. The installer should think and plan ahead to separate the vehicle-to-wrap into different sections, making clear what it needs for each area.


Communication with the production department

The production department is in charge of things like printing and laminating. Those people might not be the “frontline” people. Thus, they might not know clearly what kind of vehicle you are wrapping and which type of vinyl wrap film you exactly need.


It is crucial to communicate with them and tell them about your need. Most importantly, make sure they use the right profile and right material to print. And it would be best if you reminded the production department to get the proper lamination and outgas for the full print vinyl wrap film you need.


Tricks for install with high-efficiency

Apart from the tips above, there are some other tricks to boost your install time at the pre-production stage. For instance, you can ask the production department to print the wrap horizontally, which will save your time as you will not have to trim the film


Also, ask them to label the panels in the print. Otherwise, you will have to do this on the backing paper. And it will take time to find out the material you need for a particular section because there will be a whole pile of panels when you install. Labels on the print can help you put them into different sets quickly and keep you from frustration later.


These tips might be small, but it will make a huge difference for your install if you follow them properly. To know more solid facts about full print wrap film, you can check out our previous article Facts You Need to Know When Handling Full Print Film.


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Pre-production tips for full print vinyl wrap film