Remove adhesive residue from vinyl wrap film

When removing a vinyl wrap film from a surface, whether it is a full wrap or partial one on top of another material, there might be adhesive residue leftover. It requires a proper work sequence to remove well and thoroughly. Let’s go through the process:


First, prepare the tools you need: rubber gloves, 70% isopropyl alcohol, paper towels, saran wrap, a standard squeegee, and an adhesive remover, which can be a citrus-based cleaner.


Put your rubber gloves on for protection, and you can start working. Shake up the adhesive remover – in this case, a citrus-based cleaner, and spray it to the area with tacky residue. Make sure the remover covers the whole area.


To keep your workspace clean at all times, you can put a towel under this area to absorb any drippings from the cleaner.


The remover will soften the adhesive. You can then use your squeegee to go vertically across the area. It is not recommended to use a plastic scrape during the process because it might scratch the surface.


You can use apply the standard squeegee method, holding at a 45-degree angle when doing this. Remember to have a paper towel under the squeegee as you work. This can prevent the removed adhesive residue from dropping on the floor.


As soon as the major part of the adhesive residue is removed, wipe off all leftover specks with a clean towel. It is essential to use a clean towel to prevent the residue from going back to the surface.


Last but not least, wipe over the entire surface again with 70% isopropyl alcohol, which will help degrease the surface and help prepare for the new application.


Once you follow the sequence and do these correctly, your surface will become clean and smooth again. Feel free to start your next creation. Learn more wrap tips at

Remove adhesive residue from vinyl wrap film