Handle wrinkles when wrapping roof with vinyl wrap film

A roof can be difficult to wrap with vinyl wrap film if you do not have the right approach throughout the process, particularly when wrinkles occur. Even if you have got everything well prepared.


Here are some tips for roof wrapping with a vinyl film that inspire:


When wrapping a roof with vinyl wrap film, form the material around the antenna first. Only after this can you start working on the roof from the front and towards the antenna at the back. Do not forget to secure the film with a permanent hinge, though.


Wrinkles might occur as the material bunches up during the application, mainly because of a slight concave there.


It might be tricky to correctly apply the film when you get to this point because a major part of the accessed material probably stays on the backside of the permanent hinge you created.


You would start from scratches once you try picking up the entire panel to get rid of those wrinkles. You can take advantage of the recessed area to handle the vinyl wrap film:


Bridge it on the top section. Instead of working into the recessed area, though, you use your thumb to bridge the material on the other side. You will probably find out all the wrinkles are just above the recessed area.


The wrinkles might not be sharp so that you can squeegee the material in the middle. Because the wrinkles are not steep, they are going to gold on themselves.


Then, use heat to relax the vinyl wrap film. Squeegee on the deep side of the recessed area. Do not approach the flat section first because it will build up tension on the corner.


Heat and form the material evenly. The vinyl will flatten out at this point. And you can carry on applying properly.


However, to achieve the best result, always read the wrinkles first. Know what type of wrinkles they are, and you can handle them correctly. Learn to read wrinkles and approach accordingly in our previous article: Handle wrinkles and bubbles on calendared vinyl properly.

Handle wrinkles when wrapping roof with vinyl wrap film