Bumper wrapping: don’t jump to application immediately|TeckWrap

A bumper is not a tiny section to wrap with vinyl wrap film, especially when it has recessed areas, which are usually challenging to handle. But here are some tips for you to deal with all kinds of bumpers quickly:


Observing should be the first step

Take a look at the bumper you will wrap before jumping to the application right away. Through observation, you will notice several natural breaks on the bumper, which separate it into small sections. And you will indeed have a better idea of how you should approach it.


Wrapping the bumper with vehicle wrap immediately without looking, it might just be a big chunk to you, which only gives you a headache, and you might be confused about where to go first.


Wrap section by section

Many installers tend to wrap a bumper in one giant piece of vinyl wrap film. But for some tricky bumpers or for wrappers that work on their own instead of a team, wrapping in sections can be a better option in this situation.


You can take advantage of the natural breaks you see by first observing. So when the wrap job is done, people will hardly notice that the bumper was wrapped in pieces.


Is it worth it?

Wrapping a bumper section by section does not just give you a clue about where to start. It can also boost the durability of the finish as a whole. As you wrap in sections rather than putting one giant piece of vinyl film on it, the pressure from the adhesive that holds the bumper gets lower. Thus, the material can stay on the surface better and longer.


It might save your money, too

Also, by separating a bumper into small sections, you can use scrap pieces you have left from other projects or practices to wrap those areas. In this way, you do not have to take extra material from a new roll and get to make the most of what you have. Thus, in some way, wrapping a bumper in sections can save your budget, too!


To conclude, observing and separating a bumper into different sections is helpful. Then, wrap it section by section. This can help you get the job done more easily and efficiently. More importantly, it can ensure higher quality as you create a better condition for the vinyl to stay longer. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Bumper wrapping: don’t jump to application immediately|TeckWrap