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For a successful wrap job, you might need dozens of tools during the process. Some can boost your efficiency and provide a smooth experience, but others might not, and even worse, ruin everything. Thus, it is always vital to choose the right tools to get the best result.


Here is an introduction to several standard tools that wrappers usually need for every application. Hopefully, it can help you choose wisely in the future:



There is a massive variety of squeegees in the market today. But the general recommendation is to use one made of top-quality plastic and medium-hard, because most vinyl films are pressure activated.


Besides this overall suggestion, you should make your final decision based on the vehicle wrap you use. For example, a softer squeegee is preferable if you are wrapping with a sensitive finish like chrome or matte.


In other cases, a soft squeegee can be more flexible when dealing with specific sections like bumper. So do not forget to keep all these facts in your consideration.



When it comes to squeegee buffer, a thin and soft one should always be your choice. If you use a thick one, which usually has an uneven surface, it can scratch the vinyl film. Thus, the thinner, the better.


And it is essential to replace your buffer regularly, as the surface of a buffer can become uneven as it gets worn out over time. When this happens, it will scratch the surface as well.



A standard light-duty plastic knife is enough for many wrap jobs. It is best to avoid using a metal knife when cutting because the metal can accidentally scratch the paint during the process. With a plastic knife, you will not have such pressure. And you can even press the knife against the surface when it needs. Easy and straightforward!


Safety Box

A safety box is something you cannot miss, especially for advanced installers that tend to cut directly on the surface. Sharpening your blade is necessary for every cut in this case or ensuring clean cuts. And a safety box can help you do it safely without throwing a disposal blade around with risks.



A 30-degree blade can be the best choice for many applications. This type of blade is sharp enough for tricky trimming, especially at the corners and other challenging sections.


But again, besides the general recommendation, think about what the actual wrap job needs. For more about blade and angle, you can check out our previous article Choose right angle to hold your blade when cutting.


Micro squeegee

For some difficult parts of the vehicle, a regular squeegee might not be able to reach the gap properly. This is when you need a micro squeegee to help you tuck the wrap film. A micro squeegee is very soft, so it can help you finish the job safely and perfectly.


Heat gun

A heat gun is like an everyday essential for a wrapper, and there is nothing much to say about it. Consider the following few things when you choose a heat gun:

  • Can it reach your desired temperature?
  • Does it have a strong blower?
  • Is it high quality and durable enough?
  • Make your choice according to these facts, and you should be fine.


Besides the common tools mentioned above, there are so much more you might need during an installation. Always think about what your wrap job requires and choose accordingly. Check out more potential tools you might need at

Boost your wrapping efficiency with right tools|TeckWrap