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Here Are Some Silk Outfits for Your Car

Here Are Some Silk Outfits for Your Car

As TeckWrap promised that we would bring you the most exciting colors and trending textures every three months, it is time to uncover our latest surprise for you now!

This time we are inspired by the tender and beautiful silk colors. As a result of our idea and passion, we now have this exclusive brand new satin chrome series for you!

The satin surface of this series is rich, and its colors are very gentle and smooth, shinning just like silk, giving your car a sense of nobility.

This time it is not just an update of some appearance of wraps, technically, the properties of our satin chrome series are also superior.

Our satin chrome films in this series of TeckWrap’s are 100 micron with new air drain technology, which makes them much better at application as well as durability.

There are seven colors in total for this series, each one of them is remarkable. Whichever you choose, it will surely make you a head-turner!

Are you ready to have a glance now?

VCH401 Crimson Red

You can say the color itself is very tense, but with the satin surface, there is this perfect harmony in this film that you would never find in others wraps.

Crimson Red

VCH402 Velvet Blue

Smooth, soft and gentle, just like velvet. There is no other tenderness like this.

Velvet Blue

VCH403 Concord Grape

If you have tried Concord grape before, you know what this wrap is like. Sweet and mild, does it remind you some precious moment with your loved ones?

Concord Grape

VCH404 Hot Pink

It is hot, but not necessarily sharp. The color and its satin surface hold an ideal balance together, just about right.

Hot Pink

VCH 413 Turquoise Blue

Peaceful outlook, light color, yet with a deep and magnificent inside, like a noble jade from the East

Turquoise Blue

VCH410 Earl Grey

Solemn like an earl, tender like a gentleman, is the mystery of this film.

Earl Grey

VCH411 Silver Sage

Neither too light nor too deep, this film holds the sensation of wisdom and dignity.

Silver Sage

Just a glance is not enough for you? Check out our product details page. Make your purchase with our flexible payment method now. And feel the difference!

Eight More Languages Added Up for Your Car

Eight More Languages Added Up for Your Car

At the end of last year, we have introduced five wrap languages to you, which all belong to our Gloss metallic collection. Among them there are RB01 for a burning pumping heart; RB02 representing the majestic ocean; RB03 stands for nobility; RB04 for passion; and RB05 bringing sweetness.

And as we said these languages are more than revealing your taste, but also representing your personality and attitude, five is probably not enough to some. That is why TeckWrap has now added up eight more colors for this series. Check out the list below and see which one is your perfect match!

RB06 Ocean wave
You can guess the feeling just by its name. Are you bold enough to rein in ocean wave, because while you are driving your car in this wrap, you are the overwhelming wave on the street?

RB07 Acid lime
If you remember the taste of a summer lime, you will know this feeling: refreshing and energetic. Summer is coming soon. Are you willing to be an ambassador of the season with this wrap on the road?

RB08 Coral peach
If we said our RB03 Rosaline pearl is for nobility, then this Coral peach is more about sweetness and romance. Looking for a festival occasion? Valentine’s Day was gone by now, but you might want to consider White Day in March.

RB09 Caribbean blue
Sunshine all over the beach with palm trees everywhere, Caribbean is for sure a paradise to some. Why not wrap your vehicle with this wrap to just hold onto this blue from Caribbean in the speeding and sometimes frustrating urban area?

RB10 Amber brown
With a little mystery deep down, this Amber brown is perfect for those of you who are delicate, however, have abundant emotions in your heart, mysterious, yet attracting.

RB11 Silver chromium
Silver chromium is like a crystal there, a masterpiece that is pure and fantastic, maybe with a little bit high tech feeling for some of you, too. If you are into sci-fi, your pick is here.

RB12 Dark platinum / Storm grey
This as-if-black color holds a strong power like the storm. If you are more of an actor rather than talker, and you are always determined when you have a plan, this is a perfect color for you.

RB13 Ash grey
For RB12 it is as-if-black, while ash grey is interestingly as-white, giving you a feeling of a phantom. If you are fond of abstractionism, wrap it with your car, and you won’t regret it.

If you have not tried out this series yet, believe us, you should do. Our new gloss metallic series is made of a new material which is more stable and durable. And these eight additional colors of films are even more superior: They are 140 micron with new air drain technology, so it is even easier for application.

Check out the product details on our website and make your purchase with us today!

The Asian SEMA Show Is Here, Auto Pro Indonesia 2017

The Asian SEMA Show Is Here, Auto Pro Indonesia 2017

We bet you still remember how stunning and interesting the SEMA show was last year. Or even if you missed it unfortunately, you should have seen what happened in our article. Yeah it is pity that you could not make it. BUT! What if we tell you that you are now given a second chance – to join the Asian SEMA show?

Autopro 2017 is what we are talking about here. For the first time, Autopro, the only business-to-business automotive aftermarket tradeshow will be held in Indonesia on February 23 – 25th. You might be wondering why we call it the Asian SEMA show. This is because Autopro is adopting the same concept as SEMA’s.

The venue of SEMA was filled with eye-catching, head-turning and luxury modified cars with tons of aftermarket components. At Autopro, you should be expecting the same. This exhibition is meant to be the center of industrial development in Southeast Asia, as well as Australia. 

And like the SEMA show, this is an eye-opening event that brings you the latest innovations and technologies in the aftermarket. Autopro is bringing together over 100 worldwide brands with 6,000 key buyers under one roof. You can meet the key players in the industry there, share insights and talk with them.

This is for sure a cannot-miss opportunity for those of you who are involved in the Southeast Asian and Australian market, or those who are planning on stepping into this market. According to data, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia (60% of the population are middle class and very capable of consuming), as well as the second largest vehicle factory in SE Asia. Modifying and tuning is very popular in this country.

It is estimated that there will be business opportunities that are worth 90 million US dollars at Autopro 2017. You do not even have to worry about connecting to people at this event – you just go, as the organizer has already prepared a business-matching program for you, which connects companies directly with the key buyers and distributors, and it is all scheduled so that your visit can be much more organized and effective.

If you want to see the latest modification, tools, equipment, and accessories like those appealing vehicle wraps, or you want to learn the most up-to-date technologies and tuning, come into this showcase. It will definitely not disappoint you.

Our TeckWrap team will be looking forward to meeting you at booth A34 in hall A. We guarantee you that we will prepare the trendiest films for you at our booth there!

Wrapscon! An Event for Wrappers That Is by Wrappers!

Wrapscon! An Event for Wrappers That Is by Wrappers!
There are lots of events which wrap installers can attend. But do you know what does it feel to go to one which is particularly just for wrappers, and even more, is by wrappers? If you don’t, you get to read this!

As SEMA and the WWrap party just concluded not long ago, the producer of WRAPS and Sign & Digital Graphics magazines has announced the dates for another upcoming big event – Wrapscon, which has already become a must-attend event for anyone who is involved in the graphics market.

This is especially for those who are determined to learn more after we keep telling the importance of proper training, Wrapscon is for you. In fact, The Wrap Institute (TWI) has just created an event page on Facebook, telling people to join its TWI Live event at Wrapscon, which there will be certain training provided during the time.

So the third annual Wrapscon event for 2017 will be launched in Long Beach from July 20th to 22nd. Registration will open on April 10th. If we say SEMA is an event that contains this and that from the general auto industry, Wrapscon is particularly for wrap installers – Just as it says on the website, “A wraps event, for wrappers, by wrappers”.

Wrapscon brings the best professionals and leading manufacturers in the graphics market together into one venue, where you will get to know the trend by seeing dozens of latest surprisingly fascinating products, including those vehicle templates, wrap specific artwork, vinyl technology, tools and so on.

More than that, you will be able to learn different install techniques by hearing professionals share their tips and tricks. You can also bring your most difficult issue to them and ask for feedback. There will be different training sessions during the event, so we assure you that Wrapscon will no way disappoint you.

We have not yet got the complete list of which installers and manufacturers are going to attend yet, but you might want to know who did join Wrapscon last year so that you can roughly guess who you will see.

For manufacturers and organizations, big names like 3M, Mutoh America, Orafol, Roland, Wrapify and The Wrap Institute were all parts of Wrapscon 2016. And in fact they all provided useful trainings for the attendees. TeckWrap plans to attend Wrapscon in 2017 too and we hope to see you there.

The topics ranged from usage of knifeless tape, how to choose the right tools for your application, to installing different kinds of wraps and even sales tips for your business.

As for master installers, there were Justin Pate from The Wrap Institute for sure, and others like Dallas Fowler, Matt Richart, Adam Summer, Jim Miller, Nate Place, Tood Straub, Ritchie Daize, Zachariah Lujano.

I do not think I have to keep going through the whole list now. Just make up your mind and mark the dates on your calendar. What else can be better than staying under the same roof with the greatest minds of the industry?

The most famous Japanese wrapper has come to Guangzhou!

For the first time, TeckWrap has launched its three-day training program with the master, Tadashi Kariya in Guangzhou, China last Friday. Eight participants were chosen to attend on behalf of their own cities’ wrapping community. Here are some reviews for those of you who missed it -Keep your eyes with us, you might be the next attendee with us.

If you happen to be new to this industry and have not known who Tadashi is yet, he is a one of the MOB (Masters of Branding) members and one of the most experienced wrap installers in the world. Running his own company DesignLab in Japan, Tadashi is also devoted to the wrap community by participating in international events like SEMA and Wrapscon, as well as throwing trainings and workshops around the world.

If you were here on the spot during the three days, you would have known what a great teacher he is. It is not like the training schedule said such and such, then he would follow. Instead, for the first day, Tadashi asked our attendees to wrap by themselves for the first half an hour to see on what level each of them is standing. Our wrappers then excitingly started to wrap the units that they are confident in (or could be the other way round): rear bumper, door handle, mirror, door, fender, and some others.

Now, if you are meticulous enough, you would have noticed that we did not mention anything about them cleaning the vehicle before any application took place. We have written some articles about the importance of pre-installation before -if you have been with us for a while, because this is something that most wrappers will overlook. Just like Tadashi mentioned, installers are too familiar with this job so that they usually skip certain steps to save time (like cleaning and post heating).

Of course Tadashi gave feedback to their wrapping in the rest of the day, but in order to keep this lesson in their blood, he asked them just to clean certain units of those cars for the first half an hour on the second day training -Well we better say it was a test, rather than him asking them to do so. Nevertheless, when the time was up and Tadashi wiped down the parts they cleaned, the white tissue still turned out to be partly black. One attendee mused and finally realized why there would be bubbles on the wrap, even when all condition were right –but only because the car was not clean enough, and this leads to a bad adhesion which as a result, the film bubbles up.

The first day of the training was more like a “getting-to-know-each-other”, but the second day was more advanced -even the cleaning process was. Tadashi has taught our attendees about solo hood wrapping, head/ tail light wrapping, fender wrapping, as well as mirror wrapping (some with illustration of usage of knifeless tape, which is what Tadashi is specifically specialized in).

If you asked me what the most impressive part was, I would say the mirror wrapping was. Not necessarily because how Tadashi perfectly did it without removing the mirror, but because of his attitude. The thing is… when our wrappers did it, they were using a gloss film, which was not stretched in the right direction, although this could be just fine for a this kind of film.

However, our master told them to stop, and started illustrating by drawing patterns on the film. To him, if we pay no attention to direction of stretching a film, it will be easy for us to forget to do it when we deal with a textured or metallic film, too. And this was another important message that Tadashi wanted to deliver: Treat every wrap like the most difficult one you would have come across!

As happy moment always flies, the program came to an end just like it only began yesterday. All the attendees have told TeckWrap that it was truly a well-gained experience. As for Tadashi, after meeting all these young people, he sees a great potential for this community in China –the country that has the most population and the biggest market, as most installers here start their wrapping passion in early age (our youngest attendee is 22, yet has been in the industry for six years), and soon they will become masters in the field if more professionals would like to reach out to this great need.

The Five Wrap Languages

The Five Wrap Languages

Did you know car wrap can speak for both itself and you? You don’t necessarily have to be someone talkative to show who you are if you have these wraps! ;)

You might have heard about Chapman’s five love languages, but did you know each vinyl wrap has its own language, too? This language is more than revealing your taste, but also representing your personality and attitude. So if you are not very good at expressing yourself, no problems. Let your car wrap speak for you! Such an unique way, isn’t it? For TeckWrap’s brand new gloss metallic series, we have in fact offered you five languages exactly. Let’s see which one describes you the best.

RB01 Fierce red

Literally like its name, this film has a super tense and appealing color, like a burning heart that can fully show your enthusiasm and passion if you are an outgoing person. Even if you are not, you have absolute right to choose this color to get your beloved car more eye catching. You know what, with this color, whenever you speed up on the road, people will see you riding a blasting rocket.

RB02 Deep blue

As deep as the oceans, this color is in depth and majestic, solid and reliable. Are you cool enough to claim this as your vehicle’s outfit? Or if you want to add some sense of mystery, this is an option that you cannot miss out. In another special case, on the contrary, if you are someone that get anxious easily, this might be able to calm you a little bit when you come across a horrible traffic jam.

RB03 Rosaline pearl

Shinning like a precious jewel, this film looks extremely noble but in the meantime very gentle, just like a tender velvet. For those who are always calm and soft, this may be your best choice. But of course, because this color is so harmonious, anyone can choose this so that they can keep a good mood just by glancing it daily.

RB04 Passionate purple

Purple is always a little bit mysterious to some. It is like it can always relate to a part of your heart. This passionate purple is even more so, like a blossoming violet. It is wild yet sensitive. Are you a meticulous person? As this wrap can probably represent you the best!

RB05 Grandeur plum

Do you still remember how it tastes when you first went on a date? It is a little bit tense probably (as you must have been very nervous I assume), yet super sweet, because in the meantime you are super excited, right? Well, this color can perfectly bring you back to that feeling. Take it, taste it, and you will always feel young when your car dresses it up!