TeckWrap Packing

 When you receive TeckWrap’s product with its tape-free box, where the film can be easily unloaded, you probably consider it a piece of cake when our staffs do the packaging.

 The truth is our packing process is just as important as how we produce our products, as we are dedicated to offer you the best experience from the minute you choose us and have your wrap in hands.

This also means we do not want you to struggle with endless tapes when you try to open our box. BUT, it is not saying we are careless of the box. We actually pay extra attention to both the box itself and our product loading.

In fact, our TeckWrap box has four safety locks on the side. And the material itself has made it stable enough. But even more, although the box is safe enough, after an easy step of opening the box, you will see the wrap inside, packed with double bags for extra protection -one regular plastic bag and our TeckWrap special protective bag as well.

You will also notice that our staffs did not just put the wrap itself into the box, but also a holder at one end. This is to avoid unnecessary damage of the film when load and unload.

And all these are just for bringing you our very best product in its original status, giving you the best impression and experience with TeckWrap. Come to us now and feel the difference!

TeckWrap Packing