Wrapping mirror in one piece of matte metallic vinyl film

Mirror is always one of the trickiest parts to wrap with vinyl wrap film. But in some cases, you can wrap it very quickly with one piece, for instance, when you are wrapping it with a matte metallic film.


What you need to apply is the technique called pre-stretch. Wrapping a mirror requires a lot of stretches during the process. For matte vinyl wrap film, if the material is stretched too much, it will gloss.


But with the pre-stretch technique, where you stretch out the film before application, the material can be kept evenly in shape. Thus, there will be no glossing or distortion.


To wrap a mirror with this method, first, take a panel of vinyl wrap film that is roughly the size of the mirror. Then, you can bridge it over an open window on the door and pre-stretch it.


When the panel is well stretched and ready, apply it onto the mirror. Form it around properly, especially when you get to the corners of the mirror. Make sure you even out the tension on the material, and there is not much wrinkle.


Now you can handle the mirror section by section. For each section, you can pick the film on it up a little bit, hold it away from the surface, and apply light heat on it.


The material will then shrink back, and you can form and wrap it well on the surface easily. Repeat the same process until the whole mirror is properly wrapped.


By using this technique, the film will not gloss or get distorted. Once the film is fully applied, make relief cuts and handle the rest as usual. You will then create a durable and high-quality finish. (But bear in mind that this method is not suitable for vinyl wrap films with textures or patterns.)


When everything is done, do not forget to post-heat all the edges around the mirror. For more tips about wrapping, visit teckwrap.com
Wrapping mirror in one piece of matte metallic vinyl film