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When applying a vehicle wrap, wrappers would sometimes come across a bumper with small covers. Some would choose to wrap the main section and the cover separately, so they take the cover off before handling the bumper, which helps them wrap farther inside the tiny area.


But in some cases, it is not a bad idea to wrap the whole bumper first with the cover on, and deal with the small piece later, especially if the cover has compound curves.


Wrap as usual

Feel free to put the vinyl wrap film on the entire bumper area if this is the case. You can wrap as you would without any additional areas. Make sure the section is well-wrapped, and the film is appropriately set and secured.


Remove the vinyl on the cover

Once the bumper is ready in general, it is time to remove the vinyl piece on the cover. Before doing that, do not forget to sharpen your blade. Then, cut on the side of the cover with a steady hand. Use a shallow blade, and take your time to do this to avoid any bad cut by accident.


Tuck it in

As soon as you finish the cut, run your finger around and tuck the excess material into the gap. And do it again with a tucking tool. In the meantime, pry the cover off with it.


You can now feed the extra material around the area further to ensure full coverage as the cover is off. Then, remove the vinyl piece from the cover, and wrap it separately.


Last but not least

You can take a scrap piece to wrap it. And if you are wrapping with a directional car wrap, make sure you follow the same direction for the bumper when dealing with the cover.


As mentioned above, this could be a cover with compound corners, which can lead to wrinkles easily when wrapping. Thus, you can use light heat at the corners to soften the material as you wrap.


There can still be tension. You can make relief cuts accordingly to neutralize it. When this is done, conform the film to all sides of the cover with no stress. Cut away the excess material when everything is done. Then, put the cover back on the bumper.


There you have it! A high-quality bumper with full coverage. Keep learning about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Wrapping bumper cover with compound corners|TeckWrap