Wrap Tips of the Day

Learn wrap tips day by day on www.teckwrap.com. Today we have some chrome wrap tips from certified wrap installer C. J. Morales. Share knowledge! Sharing is caring!

#Wrap tips from Russell Voigt

"One of the most important things for installers is to learn to feed the vinyl into to channels rather than stretching it in. Also if you do need to do stretching of the vinyl stretch a larger area to conform the vinyl instead of working up to the contour and then having to stretch a small distance. When you stretch the vinyl you are thinning out the adhesive and could have failure in that are. "

*Russell Voigt is one of the most skillful wrappers and owner-operator at FlipSide Graphics


#Wrap tips of the day from C. J. Morales

“You have to remember that chrome wrap can’t conform like your typical wrap material, a lot of times chrome has to be done in pieces. It’s much better and more reliable to have a clean seam rather than an overstretched, install risking failures.”

*C. J. Morales is a certified wrap installer and owner of Fine Lines Wraps & Tint in the USA.


#Wrap tips of the day from Christopher Sessa

Wrap tips of the day from Christopher Sessa, “When installing a tackier film u can use baby powder on a towel and lightly dust the area and it will cut down the initial tac. Making it easier to manage and set.”

*Christopher Sessa is a certified wrap installer and owner of obSessave Designs & Installations.


#Wrap tips of the day from Magno Lopez

- Using an IR heater will help heat larger areas evenly and makes installation faster.

- To prevent dust particles underneath vinyl, pre clean area with a tack cloth.

- Pre mask areas not being wrapped with tape, to prevent accidental razor cuts.

*Magno Lopez is the CEO of King of Wraps.



Wrap Tips of the Day