Why you should use aftercare products for vinyl wrap film

There is a certain lifespan for vinyl wrap film, whether it is a full print wrap or a color change wrap. If you did not maintain it properly, it will not last as long as it should, even though it was perfectly wrapped.


Some people might see it as casual work and do it just with soap and isopropyl alcohol. But the fact is that soap and alcohol are not enough to clean a vinyl wrap film properly. Even worse, they do not help preserve it, not to mention soap and water are not suitable for certain types of wraps at all.


Normally, you cannot thoroughly clean up a vinyl wrap film with just soap and water, as there will be residue leaving over the material. And by using alcohol to maintain, the color and luster of the wrap will become dull. The material will look dry and old over time, even before the end of its time.


You can tell the differences between using a heavy-duty cleaner that is particularly designed for aftercare and using soap and alcohol for a normal gloss vinyl in the sun. The former turns out to be more alive, while the latter looks numb. As for wrap like matte or chrome, there are specific aftercare products for them.


With those products that are specifically designed for aftercare, even an old wrap that was not maintained properly can be brought back to life a little bit. If you regularly take care of your vinyl with aftercare products, it can look just as great as its first day on the day you have to take it off.


So always choose to use aftercare products accordingly. Don't just maintain the film randomly with soap and alcohol, because after all, all you want is your wrap staying in its best state throughout the time. Visit teckwrap.com for more wrap tips.

Why you should use aftercare products for vinyl wrap film