Why replace vinyl wrap within warranty time

When you purchase a vinyl wrap film, the manufacturer will let you know its warranty time (usually on the package), usually three to five years. It is crucial to replace the wrap within this time. If you do not remove it in time, for example, you leave a wrap until its sixth year, it will be a disaster when you want to take it off:


Overlaps you had on the vinyl wrap film will get pulled apart at this point, with dust getting into the gaps, and the material will lift here and there, not to mention the lamination of the film might have cracked…


And because the material is left there for too long, the adhesive has stuck harder on the surface. It is difficult to remove a vinyl wrap film in this way. Typically, it will only take around an hour if you take off a wrap within its warranty time. But in this case, it might cost you the whole day, which is a waste of time.


It is necessary to have a removal plan beforehand, especially if you live in a boiling place and get a lot of sunlight. Otherwise, when you try to take off the wrap after six years, you will realize all the adhesive has left on the surface. And it is going to look like you have put a whole tube of adhesive promoter there.


Even worse, the material has broken down because it is left on the surface for so long. Thus, it will get off in pieces rather than a whole panel when you try to pull it off, which is very time-consuming.


If this is the case, you will need MAPP gas for help, which heats the surface much more quickly than a propane torch. Heat the wrap up, and use a plastic scraper to scrape off the material bit by bit.


For areas that are not as bad, where you can pull off a larger piece of material, you can use an IR heater, and pull the material off straight away. Do not pull upwards because it might leave the adhesive when you do it. Pull the vinyl wrap film away, which can save you from potential problems.


Some might use vinyl chemicals to help. If this is the case, spray it on the area, especially on difficult sections like the hood. Wait until the material gets softened, and strip it off.


Apply an adhesive remover to the surface and clean it up as soon as it is done. Although the situation is fixed, the whole process will take you hours and hours. Thus, if you want to avoid this mess, do not forget to have a removal plan in mind beforehand and replace the material in time. Visit teckwrap.com for more wrap tips.

Why replace vinyl wrap within warranty time