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When wrapping with vinyl film, if there is an adhesive line, it can always ruin a finish. But sometimes, even though the surface is thoroughly clean and you handle the material well, signs of adhesive occur, especially when wrapping sections like the hood and roof.


As you wrap, every time you pause, an adhesive line can appear. And there might be problems when your car wrap reaches a spot with a recessed area, a peak, or a ridge. This can be annoying for wrappers who chase after perfection.


This happens mainly because the material comes with soft adhesive, which floats into the paint. The adhesive can flake off as you pull on a section like the hood or roof. Thus, if you pull the vehicle wrap at a low angle and have it stay tight, the adhesive might shift, eventually leading to those signs.


The good news is that you can totally avoid this mess if you have the right approach! Instead of pulling the vinyl film hard to 100% when installing, pull only 80%. Also, do not try to pull it at a low angle across the surface, but pick it up high and loose when pulling. Let the material float with you along the way.


Doing this allows you to flop the material down and hook it straightaway. As soon as the film is secured, use your finger to run across places like recessed area or a ridge rather than squeegee, which prevents the adhesive from shifting. Make sure you finish this spot before moving on to other areas.


To conclude, do not pull with 100% tension when handling vehicle wraps, and do not drag them. Instead, pick it up high and loose, then hook it. When you get to any recessed area, use your hand instead of a squeegee. Bearing this in mind, you will have a higher chance of getting a flat and smooth finish without any adhesive specks.


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Flat and smooth vinyl: No more adhesive line|TeckWrap