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For some vehicles like trucks, there can be inset letters on the surface, and the area is small and shallow. For some installers, it is tempting to bridge the vinyl wrap film over this area and force the material to those letters.


However, if you put their angles, depth, and width together and consider them, you will know how much tension the vinyl wrap film will have when being wrapped in this way.


Although the area is small, it is challenging to achieve a high-quality and durable result. Forcing the material will lead to its lifting over time. And you might overstretch the film during the process.


Here is the correct way you should wrap:


Work incrementally

Instead of bridging the vinyl wrap film over the letters, you should hold the material up and away from the area. Feed the material bit by bit to the top part first as your free hand pulls the film away.


Use the soft part of the squeegee and your finger to form the vinyl around, setting it to all edges at the top properly. Apply light heat to soften the material when needed. Do not move on to the bottom part until the top is completely set.


When getting to the bottom part, you should continue approaching in the same way. Be extra patient during the process. Read the wrinkles as you wrap. As soon as you realize there is tension, use heat to help, deal with it, and move on.


Once you pass the letter area, things get much easier. There might be wrinkles at the bottom, but it is no longer difficult to handle. Just apply light heat and use your squeegee to flatten it out.


This way, the vinyl wrap film should have zero tension in the inset area. And it will stay well there for the long term. Equip yourself with more wrap knowledge at

Vinyl wrapping inset letters | TeckWrap