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Sometimes, it makes the vinyl wrapping process much easier when removing all the hardware in a section. But sometimes it is not. For example, when wrapping a roof, it is not always the best option to take off the antenna.


The antenna for some particular vehicles is hard to access. When you think you get to lower the install time with the hardware removed, you will spend extra energy on taking it off.


Risky to remove

For a typical sedan, you must pull off the roof liner from the backseat to reach the bolts and take off the antenna. And it is undoubtedly a bad position to get this done. Not to mention you might accidentally bend the liner during the process.


Thus, it is best to leave the antenna on in a situation like this. Wrapping with the hardware on will not cost you that much longer if you know the trick. You can learn more about wrapping the antenna on with no stress here.


Alternatively, you can create a simple template quickly for a smoother installation experience.


Antenna template

To create a template for an antenna, you can take a scrap piece of backing paper roughly bigger than the antenna itself. Then, make double-cross relief cuts in the middle.


Put this loose paper through the antenna, and get it right to the bottom. Secure it in place, and you can draw the shape of the base along the contour on this backing paper.


As soon as you have the shape, use masking tape to seal the cuts and make the paper whole again. Cut the shape of the antenna out along the inside of the mark. Doing this will give you a precise and tight template for the antenna.


This will not cost you that much time. But it will definitely speed up your installation, saving you from potential problems. Visit teckwrap.com for more wrap tips.

Leave the antenna on for vinyl wrapping | TeckWrap