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Oftentimes, it can be challenging to install chrome delete vinyl on a window molding because it is easy to cut the rubber accidentally. But using a precut piece can significantly avoid this risk. Here is how you can do it:



Do not jump to the installation process right away. Prepping is the first step to success. Thus, clean the area thoroughly before you apply the vinyl film. Put your squeegee in a microfiber towel to help you clean up and degrease the tight gap underneath the molding. Then, remember to use heat to dry out the section.



Prepare the chrome delete vinyl wrap materials you need. You do not need that much of a wide strip to delete the chrome molding. Thus, you can cut the piece in half.


When applying, line up the straight edge of the vinyl to the top of the chrome so that it fits right to the rubber. Be patient and do it incrementally. Use your finger to tack the film bit by bit (push it towards the top edge) as your free hand picking up the material firmly.


Do not release the entire liner yet. With the help of the backing paper, the precut vinyl will not tweak, so you will have a perfectly straight edge that can match the top of the chrome, saving you from extra cutting that is risky to do.


Be patient even when you are getting to the end. Approach incrementally can help you avoid wrinkles and distortion so that you can handle the bottom part smoothly later.


As soon as the top part is done, put on your application glove to glide the material down on the flat side of the chrome so that it will not fold on itself. Then, lock the vinyl at the bottom of the molding with your finger.


Next, pick the material back up at the bottom – Pick just enough of it, and tuck the film underneath the chrome with the hard part of your squeegee. Once it is done, use your finger to run along the molding to ensure the film is tight to the surface. Next, use the hard part of your squeegee to seal the top edge of the chrome.


When all edges are completely set and secured, sharpen your blade and cut away the excess. Since you do not have to worry about the top edge, all you need is cutting the two sides and the bottom. Remember to seal the tight gap underneath the molding when it is done.


This way, you can delete the chrome window molding safely and efficiently. Learn more about wrapping at

Precut vinyl: Safe window chrome delete | TeckWrap