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Wrapping solo with vinyl film can be frustrating sometimes, but not if you know the right approach and techniques. Here is an efficient way to wrap a front fender by yourself:


Anchor on the lower side

Remove the backing paper and apply it to the surface. Set the vinyl wrap film on the top part of the fender, and pick the film back up from the back side near the front door. Apply heat to relax the film and pull it down to the bottom edge. When pulling, pull firmly at a triangle shape with your two hands.


Make a relief cut near the wheel well, and you can then squeegee this section with minimum stress. Pick the vinyl wrap film up again just from past the bottom edge. Add heat to this bit of the material and let it shrink. Then, gently pull the film to the bottom edge again. Doing this allows you to effectively take the tension out and squeegee the vinyl down without stress.


Move on to the top

Next, you can handle the top section of the fender. First, apply heat thoroughly to the material and warm it up. And you can pick the wrap film up. Stretch it towards the front and read the wrinkles to check if the material is set at the right angle. As soon as you right the right point, you can then tackle the wrinkles.


Slightly pick the film up from just above the wheel well. Pick it up just to the body line of the wheel well (if there is one). Do not take it all the way to the edge. Leave it for about three to four inches.


Lock the vinyl right to the body line. As you set the material in place and spread it in the right direction, wrinkles will build up above the wheel well. To solve this problem, lightly hold the material off the surface and apply heat. The film will shrink and suck right to the edge. Squeegee down with the soft part of your squeegee, and you shall get the lower part done by now.


It is all about forming the film around the top section at this point. You can make a relief cut around the headlight when it needs. Apply heat before you stretch and lay the material down. Once the vinyl is completely set in place, squeegee everything down.


Last but not least, cut away the excess and double-check if there are any wrinkles and bubbles. There you have it! With the right approach, solo wrapping can be fun to do. Equip yourself for a better wrap experience at


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Vinyl wrapping front fender solo | TeckWrap