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Getting a rear light chrome delete with vinyl wrap film can create a unique customized look for your vehicle. But some of these lights have compound curves around them, which is tricky to handle. Here are some tips for you:


Work with high efficiency and no stress

Wrapping hardware without removing it can significantly increase your efficiency. And because it is a light with compound curves, it is easy to cut the paint or light accidentally. Thus, it is best to use Knifeless tape. Together, both conditions will make your vinyl wrapping process stress-free.


First, put masking tape around the rear light to lower the surface energy so it will not grab the vinyl when you wrap. Then, you should run Knifeless tape on the outside of the light, which is the edge on the trunk side. Doing this will get you enough extra film to tuck behind the chrome with full coverage. 


Neutralize tension

You can apply the vinyl wrap film to the light as soon as the prepping is done. Before moving further, observe the wrinkles on the material, and neutralize the tension with relief cuts.


When forming the film, add light heat to relax the material. Hook the film at a corner, and pull the vinyl in a triangle shape to spread the material and shift the tension out. However, make sure you do not overstretch the film.


Once the vinyl is set in place, you can use your squeegee to tuck the material into a corner first and feed it to the flat part afterward. Deal with the outside of the chrome first and the inside later – with the same technique.


Almost done

You can release the Knifeless tape as soon as the film is applied properly. Add light heat to the corners and use your squeegee to round the edge there. Then, deal with the flat sides. A soft squeegee can help you do the job better at this stage.


Last but not least, you should remove the middle part that covers the light itself. Sharpen your knife and use a shallow blade to cut on the light’s side, which gives you extra material to tuck underneath the chrome. Be patient when doing this to ensure a clean and precise cut.


Once you finish cutting, tuck the material, seal all edges, and remove the excess. What a straightforward workflow. Learn more about auto styling at

Vinyl wrapping: Rear light chrome delete | TeckWrap