Trimming vinyl wrap film on the body of vehicle

When you have to wrap a vehicle with a full print film or print vinyl wrap film, there are times when the white edge on the material is untrimmed. You have to deal with it before the application or during the install.


In some cases, you might have to apply the vinyl wrap film onto the body as a whole piece before you can trim that edge off. In other words, you will have to do the trimming on the body of the vehicle.


It is always risky to cut directly on the body of a car, not to mention you might not be able to keep the cutting straight all the way if it is a giant piece, or if it is an aggressive vinyl wrap film. Knifeless Tape can be a good help in this situation.


But one cannot always depend on Knifeless Tape because you might accidentally run out at some point. Here is a good tip on trimming off the white edge right on the body of the vehicle:


As soon as you apply the vinyl wrap film on the vehicle, you can put a piece of backing paper on top, lining it up with the white edge. Lock the backing paper with several magnets to ensure it is absolutely secured.


Then, you can pick the vinyl wrap film back up from the white edge and pull it away. The backing paper will be slide underneath the material. Tack the material back on – But this time, on the backing paper. Use your squeegee to squeegee the film down to the liner. 


And now, you have a buffer underneath the film. Take a sharp knife, and cut along the white edge with a light touch steadily. When it is done, you can pull away the excess material easily as the backing paper has low surface energy.


By doing this, you can trim off the white edge on the body of a vehicle safely and effectively. Learn more wrap tips to master the art at
Trimming vinyl wrap film on the body of vehicle