The Golden Rules to Wrap with Vinyl Wrap Film

As the automotive industry makes progress almost every other day, the appearance of a vehicle changes every now and then as well. And it is getting trickier and trickier to use vinyl wrap film and wrap some of the body parts of a vehicle today, for example, the ever-changing front bumper.


So, is there a way that is 100% safe to wrap with vinyl wrap film in this fast-changing world? Of course! Here are some general tips that you do not want to miss out while striving in this fast-paced industry.


  1. Observation

There is no greater skill than being able to take a moment and observe the car that is to be wrapped with vinyl wrap film. However, observe is just the first move, the key is to determine how you can wrap a part in smaller sections.


Let’s take the front bumper as an example again. When you observe, you might be able to discover some natural breaks in this section. And you can take them for your advantage to split the whole bumper into smaller sections. This will allow you to wrap with smaller pieces of wrap film rather than one giant piece.


For instance, you can divide a front bumper into three sections: left, right, and middle. When you do the wrapping, you will have less pressure worrying about making mistakes (because if you wrap in one piece, one bad cut will lead to a vital result), and you can make any adjustments easily.


Even better, unlike wrapping in one giant piece, by wrapping with smaller pieces, the adhesive on the vinyl will have less stress to hold the section, which boosts up durability.


  1. Make the best use of scraps

As you are wrapping in smaller sections, you do not need to use extra material. You can simply grab the scraps you have left from other projects and do the work. And because they are scraps, even if you accidentally made some mistakes, you can throw them away and start again without having too much pressure.


These are the two general tips that will help you overcome the fast-paced development in vehicles. And they will help you wrap better and more efficiently.


Next time when you see a body part of a vehicle, for example, a fender, try not to see just a fender, but a fender with different sections, and determine how you can wrap in smaller pieces. This will, for sure, ultimately lead you to a perfect finish.

The Golden Rules to Wrap with Vinyl Wrap Film