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A Tesla front door is nothing tricky to wrap. But still, proper skills are needed. Here is a demonstration of wrapping this section of a Model 3:


Thorough cleaning

Even though the front door is not the first area you wrap, and you have cleaned the vehicle beforehand, it is good to go over the section again with a tack cloth. Clean it one more time to get rid of any dirt. And you should not only wipe around the door, but do it on the entire area, including the window.


Lock the vinyl film

Hold the vinyl film on the front door. Push it against the surface while you release the backing paper. Doing this will help you avoid getting adhesive lines. Remove the liner for just around a quarter, and flip the backing paper to crease it, which can minimize the tension on the material.


Set in position

Put the panel in position, and check if it fits from top to bottom and left to right. Then, pull up the vehicle wrap slowly to just when the adhesive touches the surface. Lightly tack it to the surface, which is enough to hold the material. Again, doing this can help avoid getting adhesive lines.


Take advantage of the body line

There are two horizontal body lines on a Tesla Model 3 front door, making up two mild recessed areas. You can continue releasing the liner to the bottom line and lock the vinyl film to the corner of the upper line. And you can lightly squeegee across the line to secure the material in place.


Next, you can remove the entire backing paper and use the same way to tack the film to the corner of the bottom line. Then, continuously pull the material to the bottom corners of the door to hook it. Again, squeegee across the bottom line in the same way to secure the film.


Handle the difficult part first

Squeegee up from the bottom body line to get this recessed area done. And work on the flat area between the two lines. Always tackle the recessed areas first because this can help minimize the tension on the film and avoid getting adhesive lines.


Get the bottom area done

Once the flat area in the middle is done, you can deal with the section under the bottom body line. Squeegee down from the line to the outside edge underneath. Pull with your free hand to even out the tension as you squeegee.


Use your finger to lock the material around the corner between the front and rear doors as soon as you get to the edge. And glide the material along the gap between the rocker panel and the front door. Then, cut the excess vinyl away. Do not forget to seal the edge afterward.


Finish the top area

By now, you are only a top area away from finishing wrapping this door. Hook the material to the upper corners first, and use squeegee strokes to even out the tension during the process. When finished, tuck the material into the gap underneath the molding. When you get to the area under the mirror, make relief cuts to better tuck the material underneath without tension.


Once everything is done, remove any excess film, and seal all edges. And that is your perfect Tesla front door. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Tesla wrapping: Perfect front door | TeckWrap