Solution to Handle Vinyl Wrap Film When You Can’t Post-Heat

Post-heating has long been one of the major and must-do steps when installing vinyl wrap film. However, there are times when things come up, for example, power breakdown, running out of time, or when you are installing on location and realize somehow there is no heat gun…


When these happen out of the blue, post-heating seems no longer possible. So the question becomes: How can an installer achieve the same wrapping result with a high-quality finish, which the vinyl wrap film can perform well on the car without lifting or shrinking within hours?


Here is one simple solution: Using edge seal tape.

Post-heating might be a passive action, where it requires electricity. But applying edge seal tape is easy – All you need to do is to prepare the tape in hand when installing vinyl wrap film. It is much more convenient to take with you compared to a heat gun, so just make sure you always have one in your toolset.


There are several kinds of edge seal tapes. Some are clear, which are normally used for the undersize sections including windows. There are also some visual ones, for instance, Mold n’ Hold, generally used for parts like mirrors.


Since mirror is always tricky to deal with, it is also one of the best examples to prove that edge seal tape can save you from troubles:


When wrapping mirrors with vinyl wrap film, if you forgot to post-heat, you will very possibly see the film lifting or shrinking back the next day (within 24 hours). But in a circumstance where you do not even have any heat gun available, you can cut the panel a bit back short instead of wrapping it right to the edge of the mirror, and apply Mold n’ Hold strip around its edge.


By doing this, you will get the same result as if you have post-heated the film. And certainly, edge seal tape is not only for mirrors. You can also use this method on sections like bumper. Applying edge seal tape does not take you too much time to do, but it will definitely save you from a lot of nightmares.
Solution to Handle Vinyl Wrap Film When You Can’t Post-Heat