Simple way to create customized look for your car with vinyl

For some vehicles, there are solid emblems (like Chevrolet’s) on its front grill or other spots like the hubcaps, which are usually the logo of the brand. This is where you can wrap with scrap pieces of vinyl wrap film to create a customized look and boost the overall appearance up to another level.


Generally, those areas are not big and are mostly flat. Thus, it does not require much effort to wrap. Plus, you can wrap it with scraps without having to use a new roll of vinyl wrap film, which can cost-effectively bring an impressive result.


It is not necessarily challenging to wrap up those solid emblems as long as you know the proper approach. The edges of the solid area usually have a tight break between the actual emblem on the outside, where they are surrounded by chrome. Thus, it is critical to get the edges done well.


First, apply the scrap piece of vinyl wrap film onto the section. Use the hard part of your squeegee to glide along each of the edges on the solid area, locking them in place. Then, sharpen your blade and get ready for cutting.


Before cutting every edge, run your squeegee along again to make sure it is tucked and secured. Make your cut edge by edge on the chrome side. By doing this, you can get extra material to wrap around the edge and achieve full coverage.


Be patient when you cut. And stop whenever the blade gets to a corner. The surface area is small, so if you do it quickly and do not stop at the corner, the knife will tend to slip, and you would cut the chrome accidentally. Thus, make sure you have a steady hand and go slowly.


Once the cutting is done, remove the excess material. If there are similar spots where you can wrap with scrap pieces – like those on the hubcaps, you can handle them in the same way.


By doing this, you can make the most of the scrap material. More importantly, you boost the overall look of the finish up to another level, which is unique and personalized. Such special work can undoubtedly raise your reputation as a wrapper as well.


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Simple way to create customized look for your car with vinyl