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Wrapping a roof with vinyl wrap film can be easy or sometimes challenging, depending on whether you have the right approach and pay attention to some small things. Here are some tips for you to get a smooth process:



First of all, cleaning is a must for every application. Before installing a vehicle wrap to the section, you need to clean the surface thoroughly. If there used to be an old wrap on top, make sure there is no residue adhesive.



Next, it is about measuring. A roof is considered a giant section to wrap. Oftentimes, you might need another wrapper to work together. And many times, the team would need to work on ladders or folding platforms. Because of this, it is important to measure up the length and width of the roof. By doing this, you can set the vehicle wrap at the proper position from the first place.

(If you are applying a directional film, make sure it is in the correct direction as well)



If you have to work independently, it is best to start from the back of the roof. Do not release all the backing paper yet, and just pull off as much as you need one at a time. And you can fold the backing paper underneath so it is easier to pick back up.



When squeegeeing the vehicle wrap, make sure you do it from the center towards the outside. If there are recessed areas, work on those tricky spots first. Finish the left or right side first, and deal with the other (Surely, if there is another wrapper who can help, the installation can be much more efficient).



When cutting on the edges of a roof, try your best to finish the cut in one go. If you have to shift your ladder or platform, try to minimize your movement. By doing these, you can achieve a clean and uniform cut across the roof.


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General tips for roof wrapping|TeckWrap