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From time to time, installers have to replace their buffer on the squeegee to ensure a perfect result for the next vinyl wrap project. Because buffers vary, sometimes they are easy to remove, and other times they are annoying, as they tend to stick to the squeegee and leave adhesive residue when you try to pull it off.


Here are some facts about why a buffer might stick tightly to a squeegee and how you can avoid or fix this situation:


Plasticizer/ ink

What plasticizer and (or) ink the manufacturer puts in a squeegee can determine what it is like to remove a buffer from it. Some people think that the softer the squeegee, the more plasticizer it has, and the more the buffer tends to bond to the squeegee. But this happens to hard squeegee too. Thus, the best way is to try out different squeegees to find the satisfying one.


The type of buffer

Usually, cheap buffer tends to grab a squeegee tightly and leave adhesive residue when removed. To avoid frustration, it is worth purchasing a top-quality buffer. This will save you time and energy, and you can pay more attention to what matters.


Handling adhesive residue

If you get adhesive residue after removing a buffer, do not try to clean it up with adhesive remover. Using this type of cleaner will activate the plasticizer in the squeegee. Thus, when you need to replace the buffer next time, the situation will become even worse.


To solve the future problem, apply masking tape to your squeegee before putting a new buffer on top. And you can do the replacement very easily without getting adhesive residue. Alternatively, you can also double up the buffer. Leave the old one underneath, and layer up with a new one.


Storage matters

When finishing a vinyl wrapping project, do not just leave your squeegee somewhere out of the toolbox or leave the whole box somewhere hot, like inside a car, especially in Summer.


When the temperature rises, the squeegee and buffer will become hot too. In this case, the adhesive will get activated. Thus, the buffer will grab the squeegee even more strongly. You will have a hard time taking it off. If you cannot avoid this situation, the safest way is to take the buffer off at the end of the day. And put a new one the next day.


Bear all these tips in mind, and you can deal with squeegees and buffers more confidently. Learn more about wrapping at

Replace buffers more efficiently for vinyl wrapping | TeckWrap